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The LHSOA was formed for the following purposes:

A. To increase participation in officiating and to assist statewide projects in recruitment and retention of officials.

B. To serve as a single voice for LHSAA member officials for promotion of their rights and welfare.

C. Provide structure and consistency for improvement by all officials in all sanctioned sports.

D. To promote the rules knowledge and mechanics, as well as closer cooperation among officials. Coaches, players and administrators through a high standard of ethics, fair play and sportsmanship.

E. To have a representative group of officials in which ideas of general interest may be discussed and to which they may be referred for the friendly exchange of information resulting in better relationships.

F. Promote fair play, understanding and respect among officials, players, coaches, administrators and the LHSAA.

G. Provide structure and promote consistency among all officials associations in all sports..

E. Fostering a high standard of ethics, close cooperation, and better understanding among officials, Athletic Directors, Principals, coaches, players and the media.