Important Update for All LHSOA Officials

On January 28, 2022, the LHSAA will hold its Annual Meeting.  Two pay proposals will be considered by the Louisiana Principals Association at this meeting.  These proposals directly affect the compensation for all LHSOA officials both in the near-term and for potentially many years to come.  Please click here to be taken to document detailing both proposals.  However, a review of the below table offers insightful detail on the foundation for these proposals.  The below table clearly shows that LHSOA officials are currently paid BELOW the AVERAGE pay that officials in neighboring states are paid.  The reference to Sec. 3 is the regional area established by the NFHS that includes Louisiana.  The other 7 states in Region 3 below are Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.  Again, Louisiana officials’ pay falls below the average officials pay of these other 7 states in every sport we work.  Please use the above link to see the full details of our proposal and please stay tuned for more communication on these pay proposals.

SportAverage Sec. 3 FeesCurrent
Louisiana Fees
Calculated AdjustmentActual Adjustment (based on $10.00 Max)(1)2022
% Change

(1)The LHSOA Executive Committee included a maximum adjustment cap of $10.00 in recognition of the challenging budget issues faced by our member schools.

(2)Soccer base fee reflects 3-person crew so per official adjustment does not exceed $10.00 per official.