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Re: Sportsmanship Concerns/Position Statement

Date: February 12, 2015

Please accept this communication as one of concern and position statement as it pertains to athletic participant(s) sportsmanship, athlete(s) coach(es) and spectator(s) control as we embark on the post season. Over the course of the past week or so, I have taken the opportunity to review the overall student(s) athlete(s) and coach(es) ejection numbers, aggressive behaviors and those accompanying reports as seen by school and assigned game officials. To say I was surprised by the overall numbers and comments with in the reports, would be an understatement, and it is apparent we have some collaborative work ahead of us as educators to establish a strong presence and firm stance on expectations. This said and on the heels of the most recent incident altercation involving athletes, coaches, game officials and spectators, I say this in position: “in support/concern of safety for al l participants in/on or around the event, and in an effort to protect the integrity of sport “this office will have zero tolerance for unsportsmanlike behavior(s) from any/a ll of those groups previously mentioned”. I will see I am personally involved i n the review of any/all complaints and/or ejection(s), their supporting report(s).

I will also see the appropriate administrative action per LHSAA Constitution and Bylaws is applied swiftly, fairly and consistently, taking into account each case’s merit and doing so in its entirety of circumstance.

You will find quickly, a major emphasis of mine will be sportsmanship and will be of the highest priority for me and will continue to be so with the LHSAA. We will continue to ensure we give our athletes positive encouragement and support, and do so by applauding their talents… and will insist; booing, taunting or attempts to intimidate our athletes, coaches, and/or game officials, will be unacceptable and strict enforcement of such is an expectation. Please utilize reference the front / inside page of your LHSAA Handbook for our “Sportsmanship is a way of life” motto!

In closing, you have heard me say “we” are the LHSAA, you the member schools and we (LHSAA) rely on one another to provide the best environment for our learning communities and for those who are visiting our communities.

Thank you in advance for your assistance, communication and cooperation with this initiative and all future collaborative efforts.

Respectfully Submitted,

Eddie Bonine

Executive Director,

Link to original letter: Eddie Bonine Letter

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