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    I’ve heard this elsewhere and it was mentioned here that all the officials deal may not even be ratified in January by the principals…. I laugh. Not at you, but at the chaos that principals would cause if they voted the deal down.

    They will have their head down and grit their teeth as they support Bonine, since he negotiated the logical solution that they ran from.

    But….think of this scenario… the principals bring in new executive director, Eddie Bonine. His first major issue on the table that he must deal with is with the officials. (besides tabling the Public / Private issue) It produces state wide media attention, press conferences from Bonine and LHSOA, news paper articles hashing and rehashing…. obviously lots of off season strife and fear on both sides. Then….Bonine and his committee negotiate and put a deal on the table that is agreeable to both sides…. lots of time and effort on both sides…. give and take. But a deal done that gets officials on the field and games played.

    And the when the vote comes up to support Bonine’s first big effort in January…. Do you believe the principals are going to show a lack of support on the first big issue on his desk that he successfully negotiated?

    And… if the principals pulled the carpet out from under him, the bigger shock to the principals would be the response by every Basketball, Soccer and Baseball umpire who immediately refuses to work….. so the principals shoot their leader down and put all spring sports seasons in jeopardy? Not gonna happen.

    Final note….and this is really for another thread on a principals message board. Why the LHSAA only votes on these things in January is archaic. One meeting of the year for these types of issues? Just as well why we had our situation…. these things can’t be debated in one session every year. Issues are fluid….in all aspects.

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    Thank you Paul…. I think you addressed the situation fairly and appreciate your voice.

    I understand the frustration of the test this year. There are guys who have been certified for years that aren’t going to be this year. The test was certainly different animal this year… Knowing the rules is one thing, but there were questions that had wording that could be interpreted different ways. In the past, there was truth to to that as well but we had some direction and history of understanding wording as to how to interpreted.

    The first year of a change is an adjustment and hopefully officials will prepare better and the LHSAA will make improvements to the questions. We just had no feel for how to prepare for it other than what we did previous years….. so the shock value was high.

    The one thing I would say is if it makes us study more and know the rules better then it is a good thing. But questions need to be clear and concise and not vague and based upon interpretation.

    I have been to 4 of the LHSOA camps and multiple others throughout the years and every time gotten a benefit from them. At the same time, there is always room for constructive suggestions. There is always grumbling from some that we have to attend an LHSOA camp. I’ve never heard grumbling from camps I choose to go to on my own. Some sessions are better than others, but I learn something every camp I go to.

    It’s certainly a season in transition…. and I appreciate the efforts of Paul and the LHSOA members to be our voice to make our group heard and make our situation better.

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    Thanks Robert…..

    So each official wears a radio on their belt and the headset bluetooths to the radio? Is that the set up?

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    The “work on the current contract and trust us, we’ll work it out” manta has been proven not to be trusted. The principals have had many opportunities to fix this issue for all officials and have blown it off for years. Worse yet was the principals actually taking pay away from baseball / softball and then giving an ovation following the vote. I’m just a football guy, but this overlaps us all at some point. I myself don’t think I’m underpaid greatly like other sports, but I do believe it’s important to stand up as one and get this thing right for all of us. Because, if not, we are going to be here again in a couple of years for one sport or the other. It’s time to fix the process for the future so that officiating issues aren’t unilaterally in the hands of principals decide our fate. They have failed utilizing the current process.

    Mr. Bonine seems to be a reasonable man who understands the issues…. as his quote earlier this week “it will be the same old song and dance” suggested, he is frustrated with the situation. And personally I believe he’s upset that he can’t step in and fix it and work with the parameters of the reasonable LHSOA proposed contract. Mr. Bonine’s hands are tied by the principals who generally have no clue about why the increase or the value of the service that they are paying for …. in their minds “its just more money.” They have ignored their own ad-hoc committee’s who admitted a need to improve officials fees and have suggested pay increases.

    When you have a special trained job and a small pool of people who are willing to work that job, like officials are, the CEO of a company understands the value that the employee brings and the importance of taking care of that employee in some financial aspect….because without that employee, the company can’t function. So the CEO is attentive to keeping the employee happy so they don’t lose them. The principals have missed that point the last few years….they have treated us as minimum wage, untrained and replaceable employees.

    There must be a better process that officials can trust will continue pay management without some special session or threaten a strike to get a raise.

    Put in a contract that has small increases every 2-4 years. School teachers, coaches and principals get an increase virtually every year based on experience. Why is it that officials can’t get the same respect of some sort?

    I know there are other aspects than the failed process, respect and game fees, but we as officials are reasonable….. it’s not a hard thing to fix if not improve to get us back on the field…. but it can’t keep waiting til a committee looks at it and decides to do something next year. We’ve played that game.

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