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    Bryan Greenwood

    For those you who may not be aware yet, The LHSAA sent out a survey monkey poll today to all officials. This poll IS NOT FROM THE LHSOA. They want you to believe it is.

    It appears that they want to take back control of all aspects of officials business in this state.

    Here is the three questions on the poll.

    1. Do you believe we should have a state wide officials association. (YES)

    2. Would you like to have members elected to the board by ballot? (The LHSOA was set up to give every association a voice and vote in the process. If this become a political election, only the largest associations would be represented. Right now when you vote for an association president, you are voting for your elected officer to the LHSOA. He then has a vote on who goes to the executive board.) I voted No on this question. A vote Yes will mean that you want someone else to be in control and take that vote away from your president.

    3. A vote yes here will mean that you want the LHSAA to dictate all things that relate to officiating. We know how that worked out in the past. I VOTED NO>

    Its your decision.


    It seems you can take the survey an unlimited amount of times. I would not trust the results.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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