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    David Nagy

    Question 132. Answer should be F, since it’s 1st and 10 from the 12 yard line before the 5 yard penalty moves the ball to the 7, which makes it 1st and 5 not 1st and seven. On the practice test the correct answer given is T.

    Paul LaRosa

    David – the correct answer is True. You could get a False answer based on your ruling only if the ready for play had already been given. One of the things you have to be careful of when reading the question is to not assume anything not written, therefore in this play the foul occurred before the snap AND before the RFP, therefore the chains have not been set. Penalize B 5 yards and set the chains…first down, goal to go at the 7. Thanks – Paul

    Edward Burleigh

    I disagree with the way the question is written Paul. The very first statement in the question is “1st and 10 for team A at team B’s 12-yard line. This would mean the chains were set and a line to gain was established. The only way the chains could be reset is if this was before the ready for play and after a change of possession (5-3-1, but 5-3-1 is not referenced either in the question if that’s what you were going for). Very poorly written question.


    We need to scratch question 132 from the test. It can only be true if the question stated the foul occurred before the ready for play. We can’t assume either way that the ready for play was given or not given. With the new 40 second play clock the ball is ready for play as soon as it it placed on the ground and the officials are in their positions. Was this a 25 second clock or a 40 second clock when the foul occurred? The question needs more clarity.

    Edward Burleigh

    Also Question #58 on the Study Guide. Practice test has it as True. I have it False due to the words “any opponent” in the question.

    Rule 2-3-10 “A blindside block is a block against an opponent other than the runner, who does not see the blocker approaching.

    Robert Landry

    On question 132, the end of the play starts the 40 second clock and placement of the ball. There is no indication in the question that there was any type of delay. This question CAN be answered correctly either way True or False. I personally think the correct answer should be FALSE

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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