Double B-I-B on kickoff

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    The following play happened in a playoff game I worked. (Kickoff) R12 catches kickoff at his 10 yard line and begins to advance. On R’s 30 R56 blocks K20 in the back (A flag is dropped).R12 continues advancing and breaks free up the middle of the field with 3 other R players BEHIND him. These 4 R players continue advancing toward K’s end zone. As the last R player runs away from K66 at K’s 40, K66 blocks/pushes R5 above the waist from behind with such force that R5 goes down hard (I drop my flag). R12 is finally knocked out of bounds at K’s 15. So, both B-I-B’s happened AFTER possession was made with R still in possession at the dead ball spot. Seems simple but have gotten a few different enforcement spots/rulings and would like to “see” what would you do if you were the white hat in my crew that night.

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