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    This is another example in my opinion of L not having a good angle on rebounding fouls from behind. C has a great look on this play and passes. Unfortunately T is not even in the picture and should be.



    Lynn Roberts

    The Lead may discuss here that there could be a foul earlier in the sequence. If so, the Lead should call that foul. IF not, when you watch this video, ask yourself if the player in the rear did anything “illegal” on this play. If not, there should not be a foul.


    The center official has weak side rebounding responsibility which is where the players in question started from. Thus, the center official has this play. Now the lead official may argue that the action ended up on strong side in his primary rebounding area thus making this his call. But what he sees is the end of the play. Lead should be looking for obvious displacement fouls (i.e. 2 hands shoves in the back, inside rebounder being ridden out by a knee in the but, inside rebounder backing up under someone, ect.) on rebounding action while leaving the action that happens up top to the trail and center official.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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