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    Rebounding from behind is NOT a foul. There are several mechanical issues with this play. First we have two T’s. This is because C for some reason is bailing out. The center official is closer to the division line than the T official. Because C is bailing out toward the division line he has to come a long way to get this call. In my opinion this is a play that C should have passed on. I would prefer for L to be standing at a 45 degree angle to the baseline vs a 90 degree. The 90 degree angle will cut off his field of vision to his out side. In this particular play it is not critical but there will be other plays that L will not be able to referee properly at a 90 degree angle.



    Lynn Roberts

    Verticality plays an important part in the discussion of this play. Remember a player has a right to their spot on the floor from there to the ceiling if they obtain their spot legally first. And, remember that a player can jump “back and to the side” as long as they do not displace another player from a legally obtained position. In this video sequence, the player in White jumps “back and to the side” as does the player in Blue. Did the player in White push, displace, or deny the player in Blue a chance to jump? What did the player in White do “illegally” on this play? We should be sure to officiate the player in the back on this play; treat them like you would if refereeing the “defense.” You will see the player in the back push, shove, displace, or deny. OR, you will see the player in the back get illegally displaced or illegally moved by the player in the front.


    I think we should avoid the “over the back” tag line and start talking about displacement which is what a foul for “over the back” would be. The web editor and Lynn both make great points but when I’m talking to young officials about this particular foul I’m careful to talk about displacement as the foul that occurs or even advantage-disadvantage.


    I concur with Charlie Ackerman’s statement.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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