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    We have to be very careful about calling “over the back from L”. Most of the time L does not have a good angle and the players will be visually stacked. So one of the two outer officials will usually have a good angle. On this play L and T don’t have good angles and both of them put whistles on this play. C which had a great angle passes.C had adjusted his position to get a better angle on the play. In these types of situations we have to stop guessing and trust our partners. In this play L and T, because they don’t have good angles, have to trust C which does have a good angle. There can be some debate about whether there is enough contact by the defensive rebounder to warrant a foul. But my point is we had the wrong people putting whistles on this play.



    Lynn Roberts

    Good interpretation by the Web Editor. Lead needs to stay off this one. Trail may have been straight-lined. The Center took a step down, and closed a really good look into a tougher one. If Lead wants to work harder to make this call, move out wider and see the entire play, from a better angle. The Trail needed to be stepping down, towards the basket, rather than moving away.

    “Move to improve!”

    The Center may also have hurt their own look at this play, by stepping down, rather than holding. It looks on the video that the Center actually blocked themselves out of the play by moving down. The Center needs to find that “ONE” offensive player who could create a critical matchup, and move to see that player’s actions. The Center would have seen that there was a gap.

    I am also hoping the the Center discussed this call in their postgame.


    We can talk about positioning and areas of responsibility all day on this play but the elephant in the room is that this was simply an athlete making an athletic play on the ball. The defensive player didn’t even make an attempt to rebound the ball because he had just returned to the floor from defending the drive to the basket. Officials need to see (anticipate) more of these types of plays, review rebounding coverage and work on having a patient whistle. It is training videos such as these that will go a long way towards making us all better officials.


    This looks to be a classic case of a guy above reached over and got called for a foul that never happened. When you take a look at the mesh point two white shirts collide and neither of them attempt to rebound the ball in their vertical space…if they don’t claim it then it’s open to another, in this case blue shirt, player to take advantage. Lynn’s points are all valid but too bad we end up in games where we make these calls cause we don’t trust our partners. Good point on patient whistle DiltonA

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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