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    When will the 2018 online practice test be available?

    Paul LaRosa

    We are working on the practice test now. We first had to make sure we had correct answers for all the questions on the Study Guide but I believe we are very close to having it up. thanks – Paul LaRosa


    Okay, Thanks!
    Have you verified Question 2 and 130?
    #2 The manufacturer’s name and/or logo is the only commercial advertising allowed on the football. [1-3-1h]

    Last year it was true but we have had some discussion on it. The rule book states the following are also permitted on the football:

    1. Ball manufacturer’s name and/or logo;

    2. School name, logo and/or mascot;

    3. Conference name and/or logo;

    4. State association name and/or logos; and

    5. NFHS name and/or logos.

    Would any of these others be considered commercial advertising? Can you have more than one logo on the football?


    3rd down and 10 on Team A’s 10 yardline. A11 pitches the ball backward to A22, who muffs the ball on Team A’s 3 yardline. The ball is lying motionless on the 2 yardline when B33 legally blocks A11 into the ball, causing it to go into the end zone then out of bounds. RULING: Touchback . . . A’s ball 1st down and 10. [2-13-1; 5-1-1; 8-5-3c, 4]

    Based on Rule 8-5-1B: b. The accidental touching of a loose ball by a player who was blocked into the ball is ignored and does not constitute a new force I lean toward ruling this a touchback and therefore a true answer.

    Paul LaRosa

    Both #2 and #130 are TRUE. Your logic in #130 is right on point. No new force by A, B put ball in and out of the EZ so touchback for A.

    On #2 the key word here is “commercial”. The rule does allow for various type logos on the ball but there can only be ONE commercial logo, i.e., a Nike swoosh for example. Local assoc, state assoc, and NFHS logos are NOT commercial logos. Therefore True is correct answer, manuf logo is only commercial logo allowed.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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