2020 Football Practice Test

LHSAA Study Guide Questions: The Rules Test will come from these questions. LHSAA test questions come from the NFHS Rules Book & Case Book, including rule changes, Points of Emphasis and Fundamentals, as well as the Louisiana Mechanics Manual.

NOTE: In the following questions, “A” refers to the team which puts the ball in play (Offense), and “B” refers to their opponents (Defense). “K” refers to the kicking team and “R” refers to the receiving team. “A1”, “A2”...etc., “B1”...“K1”...and “R1” are players of these teams. A team’s end zone is the one it is defending. If team possession changes during a down, each team retains its identity. In a kicking situation, it is not during a try and no fair catch signal has been given unless so specified. Unless otherwise stated, acts occur while the ball is inbounds; a forward pass is legal; any out- of-bounds is between the goal lines; “line” means scrimmage line; reference to a foul is to a player foul which is not unsportsmanlike; there is no foul or change of possession unless so stated; penalties are considered accepted. Important: Answers to these questions should be selected based solely on the information stated therein.


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1. When a foul occurs prior to a snap or free kick, the covering official shall indicate the ball remains dead by sounding his/her whistle immediately and tossing a flag. [4-2-1]
2. Team K punts on 4th down. R25 muffs the catch downfield and the ball rebounds behind the line of scrimmage where K71 recovers it. Team K will play 1st down. The play clock will be set to 25 seconds and started on the ready-for-play signal. [3-6-1a(1)f]
3. The down is ended and the ball becomes dead when any forward pass is incomplete or simultaneously caught by opposing players. [4-2-2c]
4. During a scrimmage down, any player of Team A may legally throw a forward pass from behind the line before possession changes. [7-5-1]
5. If time expires during a down in which K76 holds during a successful field-goal attempt, the period is automatically ended and the score is canceled. [3-3-3a; 9-2-1c; 10-5-3]
6. Attempting to tackle A42, B60’s helmet comes completely off. A42 does not go down and runs for a touchdown.  RULING: The play should be blown dead when B60 loses his helmet.  B60 must leave the field for 1   [3-5-10d; 4-2-2k; Case Book 4.2.2 K]
7. A period shall not be extended when a foul occurs that specifies a loss of down and the penalty is accepted. [3-3-4b(3)]
8. A defensive player is considered “on his line of scrimmage” if he is within 2 yards of his scrimmage line and in a 3 or 4 point stance at the snap. [2-25-3]
9. Chop blocks, clipping and tripping an opponent are legal only if they occur in the free- blocking zone. [2-3-8; 2-5-1; 2-45; 9-3-6; 9-4-3o]
10. After any kick return, Team R may request that the ball be placed anywhere between the inbounds lines (hash marks). [4-3-4, 5, 6]