Officials Proposal Gets Strong Support at LHSAA Annual Convention


Officials Proposal Gets Strong Support at LHSAA Annual Convention

A proposal developed in joint cooperation between the leadership of the LHSOA and the LHSAA won strong support in a vote conducted at the annual convention of state high school principals earlier this month. The proposal included several provisions to address concerns of LHSOA officials as detailed below:

  1. Security: Current language included in the LHSAA Handbook Section 8.4.3 reading “A host/sponsoring school shall ensure contest officials’ security and welfare…” will be amended to read “A host/sponsoring school shall ensure contest officials’ security and welfare by having appropriate security personnel at all athletic contests officiated by LHSOA officials. Appropriate security will include a faculty/staff member or a uniformed security person (preferred) specifically assigned to the officials with responsibilities to include providing escort to and from the officials parking location to the playing facility before and after the athletic contest”.
  1. Officials Meeting Facility: Host/sponsoring school will provide a secure location for contest officials to meet before, and when applicable, during athletic contests. This location shall be separate from all teams and team coaching staffs. When available, a clean, secure and enclosed area will be provided. In instances where this is not possible based on the contest site, a separate, secure area attended to by the appropriate security provided for in 8.4.3 will be made available to the game officials prior to, during and after the contest when required.
  1. Officials Hydration: Host/sponsoring school will provide hydration fluids to all game officials for consumption at appropriate times during athletic contests.
  1. Committee to address officiating issues: Not later than March 1, 2019, a group will be established as a temporary ad-hoc committee to develop a long-term solution in regards to officiating agreements, compensation, and accountability. This new, ad-hoc committee will be comprised of ten members as follows:
  • LHSAA Executive Director (or his designee),
  • LHSAA Director of Officials (ex-officio),
  • LHSAA President (or his designee),
  • LHSOA President (or his designee),
  • Three LHSAA Representatives (appointed by LHSAA President),
  • Three LHSOA Representatives (appointed by LHSOA President).

Committee Requirements:

  • Will meet a minimum of 2 times in person and additional times via conference call as necessary,
  • Will establish a final proposal not later than October 1, 2019 to be submitted for approval at the January 2020 Annual Meeting; said proposal will be developed with full support of the LHSAA Executive Committee and LHSOA Executive Committee
  • LHSAA Director of Officials will chair meetings and call meetings in an ex-officio capacity.


 Volleyball: Regular match fee, Playoff match fee and State Tournament fee each to be increased by $5.00 per official. Resulting fees would be $50.00 for Regular matches, $70.00 for Playoff matches and $80.00 for State Tournament matches.

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