2019 Football Practice Test

Welcome to your LHSAA 2019 Football Practice Test

The final test will come from these questions. LHSAA test questions come from the NFHS Rules Book, including rule changes, Points of Emphasis and Fundamentals, as well as the Louisiana Mechanics Manual and NFHS Case Book.

NOTE: In the following questions, “A” refers to the team which puts the ball in play (Offense), and “B” refers to their opponents (Defense). “K” refers to the kicking team and “R” refers to the receiving team. “A1”, “A2”...etc., “B1”...“K1”...and “R1” are players of these teams. If team possession changes during a down, each team retains its identity. In a kicking situation, it is not during a try and no fair catch signal has been given unless so specified. Unless otherwise stated, acts occur while the ball is inbounds; a forward pass is legal; any out-of-bounds is between the goal lines; “line” means scrimmage line; reference to a foul is to a player foul which is not unsportsmanlike; there is no foul or change of possession unless so stated; penalties are considered accepted. Important: Answers to these questions should be selected based solely on the information stated therein.

1. K15’s free kick is at rest at Team R’s 1-yard line when R20 muffs the ball trying to recover it. The ball then hits the goal-line pylon. RULING: Touchback. Team A’s ball at its own 20-yard line. [1-2-4; 2-24-2; 8-5-3a1; 8-5-4]
2. No foul causes a live ball to become dead. [2-16-4; Fundamental III – 2]
3. If runner A21, who is beyond the neutral zone, tosses the ball forward, he has thrown an illegal forward pass. [7-5-1; 7-5-2b]
4. K98 attempts an onside kick from his 40-yard line by kicking the ball toward the sideline. As R20 goes to recover the ball at K’s 47-yard line, he is blocked by K39 and K50 recovers the ball. RULING: K39 is guilty of an illegal block. K50’s recovery is negated and, if accepted, R can choose to have the 10-yard penalty assessed from either the previous spot with a re-kick or from the succeeding spot. [6-1-6; 9-3-7, Penalty; Case Book 9.3.7 A]
5. Regardless of the number of 2nd half time-outs remaining, neither team will have more than 1 time-out at its disposal in any overtime period. [3-5-1; Rules Bk. Pg. 86: 3-5-1]
6. If a loose ball goes into the end zone, the last player who touches the ball in the field of play is the one deemed responsible for forcing it across the goal line. [2-13-2]
7. Team A fumbles and opposing players dive on the ball, attempting recovery. The covering official stops the game clock after which, Team A is determined to have recovered the ball beyond the line to gain. RULING: The Referee shall signal the first down and the 40-second play clock shall start immediately. [3-5-7b; 3-6-1a2; 5-1-3a; Case Book 3.6.1 F]
8. A player who is attempting to pass is a runner until he/she gives up possession of the ball by passing. [2-32-11, 13]
9. A35 catches a long pass for a touchdown. He follows this with an excessive display of exuberance by spinning the ball and “shooting” the defensive players. RULING: Foul for unsportsmanlike conduct. Score the touchdown. Team B can choose to have the penalty enforced on either the Try or the subsequent kickoff. If A35 is charged with a 2nd unsportsmanlike foul, he will be disqualified for the remainder of the game. [2-16-2f; 8-2-1; 8-2-5; 9-5-1c, Penalty]
10. The passer continues to be a defenseless player until the legal forward pass ends or he/she moves to participate in the play. [2-32-11; 2-32-16a]
11. Center A51 is just beginning his snapping motion when nose tackle B70 slaps the ball out of A51’s hands. RULING: Since A51 has begun the snapping motion, the official should throw the flag and allow the play to continue. A will have options after the down. [4-1-6; 4-2-1; 7-1-6b; Case Book 7.1.6 E(a)]

During a down midway through the 4TH period, runner A28 is legally tackled and loses his helmet as a result of the contact. Hoping to keep his player in the game at a crucial point, Team A’s coach immediately requests and is granted a charged time-out. RULING: A28 must be replaced for one down as a charged team time-out does not exempt a player from having to leave the game. [3-5-10d; Case Book 3.5.10 E]

13. 4th and 10 on Team K’s 20-yard line. Punter K19 takes the snap and starts to run. He pulls up at his 25-yard line and kicks the ball. R28 catches the kick at his 45-yard line and is tackled immediately. RULING: [2-24-9; 2-33-1d; 6-2-1, Penalty; 9-7-1; 10-4-2 Exception; Case Book 9.7.1 B(a)]
14. During a kick, an offensive player may use his hands or arms to ward off an opponent who is attempting to block him. [2-3-4b]
15. As the Line Judge is retrieving the ball from tackled runner A24, he notices A24 is wearing corrective eyeglasses with tinted lenses. RULING: Legal [1-5-3c-4 NOTE]
16. On 4th down in scrimmage-kick formation, Team A snaps the ball from its own 40-yard line. B56 charges directly into the snapper, knocking him down. RULING: Foul for roughing the snapper. If accepted, Team A will be awarded a 1st down, 15 yards in advance of the previous spot. [2-14-2; 9-4-6, Penalty; 10-1-7c; Case Book 9.4.6 B]
17. The free-blocking zone (FBZ) ceases to exist and the exception for players to block below the waist or block in the back shall not continue after the ball has left the zone. [2-17-4]
18. Chop blocks, clipping and tripping an opponent are illegal whenever and wherever they occur on the field. [2-3-8; 2-5-1; 2-45; 9-3-6; 9-4-3o]
19. 3rd down and 8 for Team A from their own 40-yard line. Quarterback A18 is forcefully contacted by B52 with a slap to the helmet just after he completes a pass to A86 who is downed on A’s 47-yard line. RULING: Roughing the passer foul on B52. Penalize B 15 yards from the 47-yard line. A will play 1st and 10 at B’s 38-yard line. [5-2-2b; 9-4-4, Penalty; 10-6-1g; Case Book 9.4.4 B(a)]
20. Following Team R’s punt/kickoff return, the play clock will be set to 25 seconds and started on the Referee’s ready-for-play signal. [LHSAA Attachment A - 2f, g FAQs]
21. Pass interference restrictions on a legal forward pass begin for:
22. The succeeding spot is where the ball was last snapped or free kicked. [2-41-10]
23. During the play, the Umpire notices that a player does not have the usual protrusions indicating that hip pads and tailbone protector are being worn. It is found that the player is wearing a manufactured girdle with closed cell “bubble type” protective padding that conforms and covers the hips and tailbone. RULING: There is no padding criteria listed for hip pads and tailbone protector. Therefore, the pads are legal. [1-5-1d1; Case Book 1.5.1 E(b)]
24. 3rd down and 10 at Team A’s 35-yard line. Receiver A46 is running near the sideline as a forward pass reaches him. He tips the ball, steps out of bounds at Team A’s 48-yard line, returns inbounds, catches the ball and carries it across Team B’s goal line. RULING: [9-6-1, 2; 10-5-3; Case Book 9.6.1 A(b)]
25. Regardless of the outcome of any penalties incurred, no series can ever start on other than first down. [5-1-1a; Fundamental II – 6]
26. A23 is carrying the ball when B40 grabs his jersey from behind just below the collar in the name plate area. A23 crosses the goal line and is then pulled down backward by B40. RULING: Horse-collar foul on B40. Count the touchdown. A has the option to penalize Team B on either the try or subsequent kickoff. [8-2-1a; 8-2-2; 9-4-3k; Case Book 9.4.3 P(b)]
27. Team K is attempting a Try. During the unsuccessful kick, K47 is flagged for blocking below the waist. RULING: Team R must decline the penalty to avoid a replay of the down. [5-2-2b]
28. 1st and 10 for Team A at Team B’s 12-yard line. Substitute B12 comes onto the field and replaced player B32 leaves the field via the back of the end zone prior to the snap. RULING: Dead-ball foul for illegal substitution. Penalize Team B to the 7-yard line. It’s 1st down and 7 now. [3-7-2, Penalty; 5-2-2b]
29. A free kick may be made after a fair catch or an awarded fair catch. It can score a field goal. [2-24-3; 6-4 Table (Free Kick-2); 8-4-1a; Casebook 8.4.1 B(a, b)]
30. During a try, it is possible for either team to score points. [8-3-3]
31. 4th down and 10 on Team R’s 45-yard line. K44’s punt is in flight when R50 blocks K62 below the waist at Team R’s 35-yard line. The untouched kick hits the ground in R’s end zone. RULING: Post-scrimmage kick enforcement applies. R will play 1st and 10 from its own 10-yard line. [2-16-2h; 2-41-6; 5-2-2a1; 10-4-3, 5d; Case Book 10.4.3 C]
32. When the 40-second play clock is in use at the end of a non-scoring down, the covering official shall start it by: [LHSAA Attachment A - 3 FAQs]
33. K25’s short kickoff is in flight 14 yards beyond Team K’s free-kick line when K30 catches it with no R players around. RULING: [6-5-6a]
34. R27 returns a punt but fumbles during his return. K65 dives to the ground and recovers the fumble. RULING: 1st and 10 for Team K, and the clock starts on the snap. [3-4-3c; 5-1-3f]
35. At the snap, all A players numbered 50-79 are ineligible. [7-5-6a]
36. After the ball is ready for play, each player of A who participated in the previous down and each substitute for A must have been, momentarily, between the 9-yard marks, before the snap. [7-2-1; Case Book 7.2.1 C]
37. If a foul occurs during a down, the basic enforcement spot is determined by the action that occurs during the down. [10-4-1]
38. For a scrimmage down, 7 Team A players must be legally on their line at the snap in order to have a legal formation. [2-14-1; 7-2-5a]
39. B49 intercepts A’s pass in his own end zone and runs around before finally being tackled there. RULING: Safety. Team A scores 2 points. [2-13-1; 8-5-3d]
40. 1st down and 10 for Team A at their 5-yard line. A9’s legal forward pass is caught by A35 at Team A’s 24-yard line. B70 roughed the passer. A35 advances to Team A’s 30-yard line and fumbles, but prone A46 recovers at his own 35-yard line. RULING: [9-4-4, Penalty; Case Book 9.4.4 C]
41. It is a flagrant personal foul if one of the team captains slugs the Umpire just prior to the pre-game coin toss. Penalize 15 yards on the kickoff and disqualify the offender. [2-16-2c; 9-4-2, Penalty; 10-4-5b]
42. 25 seconds will be put on the play clock and start on the ready-for-play signal: [3-6-1a1(a, b, d)]
43. It is legal for players to use completely clear or completely white tooth and mouth protectors as long as they protect and separate both biting surfaces. [1-5-1d5(a); Case Book 1.5.1 C(a)]
44. When the 40-second play clock is running, the ball becomes ready for play, and Team A may snap it, when an official places the ball at the appropriate spot between the hash marks and steps toward his position. [3-6-1b2; Case Book 3.6.1 Comment 1]
45. Defensive back B40, running alongside runner A24, reaches and grabs the collar of A24’s jersey and pulls him down forward in making the tackle. RULING: Legal defensive play. [9-4-3k; Case Book 9.4.3 M(d)]
46. Team A scores a touchdown on the first possession of an extra period. During the try, Team R is flagged for roughing the kicker. The kick is successful. RULING: [8-3-5]
47. 2nd down and 10 from Team A’s 30-yard line. Under heavy rush, QB A15 dumps a pass to A36 and is then roughed by B73. A36 is downed at A’s 28-yard line. RULING: Penalize Team B from the previous spot and award Team A an automatic 1st down. [5-2-2b; 9-4-4 Penalty; 10-5-5; Case Book 9.4.4 B(b)]
48. If ineligible A66 catches a forward pass (untouched by B) beyond the neutral zone, the ball becomes dead immediately when caught. [4-2-2c; 7-5-13; Case Book 7.5.13 A(c)]
49. If there is a double foul during the last timed down of a period, the period is automatically extended. [2-16-2b; 3-3-3b; 10-2-1]
50. If a place kick is used for a try, it is a scrimmage-kick formation and the numbering exception may be used. [7-2-5b Except. 2; Case Book 7.2.5 F]
51. It is legal for A1 to immediately return to the field and make a block or touch a pass after being blocked or pushed out of bounds by B2. [9-6-1]
52. Post-scrimmage kick (PSK) fouls and penalty enforcements do not apply to kick tries, successful field goals or in overtime. [2-16-2h1; Rules Book Pg. 87: OT 10-4-3]
53. B36 intercepts a pass at his own 3-yard line. His momentum takes him into his own end zone, where he fumbles. B52 and A88 simultaneously recover the loose ball, which never leaves the end zone. RULING: [7-4-3c; 8-5-2a Except.]
54. A pass from A10 is possessed by A25 while he is in the air above B’s end zone. A25 loses control when he is hit by B36 while in the air. The loose ball is subsequently caught by eligible A41 in B’s end zone. RULING: Touchdown. [2-4-1; 8-2-1b; Case Book 7.5.4 B(b)]
55. A television time-out is an official’s time-out and is not charged to either team. [3-5-7k]
56. A request for a time-out may be made only after the ball becomes dead by any player, the head coach or his designee. [3-5-2a; Case Book 3.5.2 B]
57. Players A22 and B31 jump up and possess a legal forward pass while airborne inside B’s end zone near the end line. They both come to the ground on their feet in joint possession inbounds in the end zone and then fall to the ground over B’s end line. RULING: Touchback for B. [2-4-3; 2-41-3; 4-2-2c; 7-5-4; 8-2-1; Case Book 7.5.4 A(b)]
58. During a running play, A21 breaks into the secondary. Safety B42 comes up quickly and drives his face mask into the chest of A21 while simultaneously wrapping his arms around A21 bringing him to the ground. RULING: Face-tackling foul by B42. [2-20-1b; 9-4-3i; Case Book 9.4.3 L]
59. A25 is illegally in motion at the snap. Quarterback A19 throws a pass that is intercepted by B33, who returns it for a touchdown. RULING: [8-2-3]
60. When a field-goal attempt is blocked behind the neutral zone, the ball becomes dead immediately. [6-2-2, 3]
61. A backward pass is a pass thrown with its initial direction parallel with or toward the runner’s end line. [2-31-5]
62. 1st down and 10 at Team A’s 30-yard line. B70 is flagged for roughing the passer. B29 intercepts the pass, and fumbles on the return. A43 recovers and is tackled at his own 35-yard line. RULING: [3-4-2; 5-1-3d; 9-4-4, Penalty; 10-1-7b]
63. 4th down and 15 on Team K’s 30-yard line. R28 enters the game as the 12th player while K’s punt is in flight and blocks during the return. R15 catches the punt at R’s 35-yard line and returns to his 42-yard line before being tackled. RULING: Illegal participation foul on R28. The penalty is enforced from the post-scrimmage kick spot (R 35-yard line). Team R will put the ball in play 1st down 10 after enforcement. [2-30; 5-2-2a1; 9-6-4a; 10-4-3; Case Book 9.6.1 D]
64. A foul that occurs simultaneously with the snap is an exception to the “all-but-one” penalty enforcement principle. [2-16-2i; Fundamental X – 3a]
65. Prior to the last 2 minutes of either half, when the ball goes out of bounds the game clock always starts on the ready-for-play signal. [3-4-3a]
66. Each team must begin the game with 11 players but may continue with fewer if no substitutes are available to replace injured or disqualified players. [1-1-3; Case Book 1.1.3]
67. In attempting to tackle A1, B2’s helmet comes completely off. A1 does not go down and runs for a touchdown. RULING: The score stands and B2 must leave the field for 1 play. [3-5-10d; 4-2-2k; Case Book 4.2.2 K]
68. After the ball goes out of bounds, both the game clock and the play clock will start on the ready-for-play signal. [3-4-3a; 3-4-4e; 3-6-1a2]
69. When the Referee calls for a measurement, the ball shall be placed with its long axis parallel with the sideline before the measurement. The play clock will be set to 25 seconds and started on the “ready”. [5-3-2; Case Book 5.3.2 A; LHSAA Attachment A - 2e FAQs]
70. Face guarding, in and of itself, which does not include contact, is not considered to be pass interference. [7-5-10, 11]

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