2018 Football Practice Test

Welcome to your LHSAA 2018 Football Practice Test

The final test will come from these questions. LHSAA test questions come from the NFHS Rules Book, including rule changes, Points of Emphasis and Fundamentals, as well as the Louisiana Mechanics Manual and NFHS Case Book.

NOTE: In the following questions, “A” refers to the team which puts the ball in play (Offense), and “B” refers to their opponents (Defense). “K” refers to the kicking team and “R” refers to the receiving team. “A1”, “A2”...etc., “B1”...“K1”...and “R1” are players of these teams. If team possession changes during a down, each team retains its identity. In a kicking situation, it is not during a try and no fair catch signal has been given unless so specified. Unless otherwise stated, acts occur while the ball is inbounds; a forward pass is legal; any out-of-bounds is between the goal lines; “line” means scrimmage line; reference to a foul is to a player foul which is not unsportsmanlike; there is no foul or change of possession unless so stated; penalties are considered accepted. Important: Answers to these questions should be selected based solely on the information stated therein.

1. Following A’s incomplete pass, B25 deliberately pushes receiver A40 to the ground. RULING: B25 is charged with unsportsmanlike conduct. [2-16-2f; 9-4-3b, Penalty]
2. If a loose ball touches any player or game official who is out of bounds, the touching is ignored. [2-29-3; Case Book 2.29.3(c)]
3. It is a flagrant personal foul for a team captain to slug the Referee just prior to the pregame coin toss. [9-4-2]
4. A player may be withdrawn and re-entered legally during the same dead-ball interval if the period ends during the dead-ball interval. [3-7-3]
5. Illegal helmet contact is always deemed to be flagrant which mandates that the offender be ejected from the game. [2-16-2c; 9-4-3i NOTE; Penalty]
6. If a loose ball goes into the end zone, the last player who touches the ball in the field of play is the one deemed responsible for forcing it across the goal line. [2-13-2]
7. K51 attempts an onside kick from his 40 yardline by kicking the ball toward the sideline. As R22 goes to recover the ball at K’s 47-yard line, he is blocked by K30 and K44 recovers the ball. RULING: K30 is guilty of an illegal block. K44’s recovery is negated and the 10-yard penalty, if accepted, is assessed from the previous spot with a re-kick. [6-1-6; 9-3-8, Penalty; Case Book 9.3.8 A]
8. 1st down and 10 for Team A at their 40 yardline. Runner A31 is tackled by B52 at Team A’s 44 yardline. In trying to fend off the tackle, A31 grabs but does not pull or twist B52’s face mask. RULING: Face mask foul. Team A will be penalized 5 yards from the end of the run. [9-4-3h, Penalty; 10-4-4]
9. On 1st, 2nd, or 3rd down, only the snapper is exempt from the numbering rule in scrimmage-kick formation and he must be between the ends. At least 4 other linemen must be numbered 50-79 under such circumstances.
[2-14-2; 7-2-5b Exception 1; Case Book 7.2.5 A(a)]
10. A player who is attempting to pass is a runner until he/she gives up possession of the ball by passing. [2-32-11,13]
11. 4th down and 10 on Team K’s 30 yardline. K16’s short punt is muffed by R48 at Team K’s 40-yard line. The loose ball rolls behind the neutral zone and is recovered by K32 at Team K’s 25 yardline. From there, K32 throws a forward pass intended for eligible K21 which falls incomplete. RULING:
[5-1-3f; 7-5-1; 7-5-5; Case Book 5.1.3 D]
12. An offensive player may push, pull or lift the runner to assist his forward progress only if that action occurs behind the line of scrimmage. [9-1]
13. A blindside block against an opponent other than the runner is legal if it is initiated within the free-blocking zone. [9-4-3n; Case Book 9.4.3 W, X]
14. First touching of a kick by K is ignored if the penalty for a foul during the down is accepted. [5-1-6]
15. Team A is trailing by 7 points. During a down in which time expires for the 4TH quarter, Team A scores a touchdown. B52 committed a face-mask foul during the TD play. RULING: Team A has the option of taking this penalty in overtime.
[2-16-2d; 8-2-2; Case Book 8.2.2 C(a)]
16. Post-scrimmage kick (PSK) fouls and penalty enforcements do not apply to kick tries, successful field goals or in overtime. [2-16-2h1; Rules Book Pg. 85: OT 10-4-3]
17. B21 intercepts a pass and begins a return. B21 is pursued by A32, who cannot see B53 approach. B53 contacts A32 in the side with open hands below the neck and shoulders, above the waist. RULING: Legal contact by B53. [2-3-10; 9-4-3n]
18. Regardless of the outcome of any penalties incurred, no series can ever start on other than first down. [5-1-1a; Fundamental II – 6]
19. If during a down in which time expires, K75 holds during a successful field-goal attempt, the period is automatically ended and the score is canceled. [3-3-3a]
20. On a kickoff, at the time the ball is kicked, at least 4 K players must be on each side of the kicker. [6-1-4; Case Book 6.1.4]
21. It is legal for players to use completely clear or completely white tooth and mouth protectors. [1-5-1d5(a); Case Book 1.5.1 C(a)]
22. There is 00:07 on the clock in the 4TH period. Team A has goal to go and no time-outs when they snap the ball at Team B’s 10-yard line. B55 commits a face-mask foul when he tackles A22 inbounds as the clock shows 00:02 remaining. RULING: Penalize B and replay the down. Because of the accepted penalty, Team A has the option to start the clock on the snap. [3-4-7; 5-2-2; 9-4-3h]
23. The rules require that helmets & face masks, tooth protectors, shoulder pads, hip pads, thigh guards, knee pads and shoes be worn by all players. [1-5-1a,d,f]
24. Only 1 receiver may give a signal for a fair catch while any legal kick is in flight. [6-5-1]
25. With 00:55 remaining in the game, Team A has the ball and a 2-point lead. A67 holds during a run off tackle which ends inbounds. RULING: After penalty enforcement, Team B can choose to have the clock started on the snap. [3-4-7]
26. An attempt by B players to interfere with A’s offensive signals prior to the snap is a live-ball foul. [9-5-1d; 9-5 Penalty]
27. A12 throws a legal forward pass into B’s end zone complete to A33. A69 held B72 behind the neutral zone during the play. Time expired during the play. RULING: B must accept the penalty in order to cancel the score. Team A will then play an untimed down after the penalty is enforced. [3-3-3a; 9-2-1c; 10-5-3]
28. Defensive players are restricted from contacting the ball or the snapper’s hand(s) or arm(s) until the snapper has released the ball. [7-1-6]
29. The free-blocking zone (FBZ) disintegrates when the ball has left the zone. [2-17-4]
30. If a foul occurs during a down, the basic enforcement spot is determined by the action that occurs during the down. [10-4-1]
31. A blindside block is a block against any opponent who does not see the blocker approaching and is always illegal. [2-3-10; 9-4-3n]
32. With 00:10 remaining in the 2ND period and the clock running, A10 takes a direct hand-to-hand snap from the center and fakes placing his knee on the ground, then sweeps around end for a touchdown. RULING:
[4-2-2a; 8-2-1a]
33. A kick ends when any player secures possession or the ball becomes dead while not in player possession. [2-24-2; Fundamental IV – 1]
34. At the snap, offensive linemen A63 and A55 immediately charge out and simultaneously contact nose tackle B76 below the knees. All players were in the free-blocking zone at the snap and the block occurred in the FBZ. RULING: Legal Block.
[2-3-8; Case Book 9.3.2 B(d)]
35. If runner A21, who is beyond the neutral zone, tosses the ball forward, he has thrown an illegal forward pass. [7-5-2b]
36. Team K is in punt formation on 4th down at Team R’s 40-yard line, using the numbering exception (not having 5 players on the line numbered 50-79). K players assume their initial positions with K25 to the left at tight end and K23 at left tackle. After the snapper touches the ball, K25 shifts back off the line uncovering K23. At the snap, K23 pauses, then goes downfield and catches a touchdown pass. RULING: Foul for illegal touching. Cancel the score. Penalize Team K 5 yards and loss of down from the previous spot. Team R will play 1st down and 10 from their 45 yardline.
[7-2-5b Exception 2; 7-5-13 Penalty; 10-4-2b; 10-5-3; Case Book 7.2.5 D]
37. At the snap, all A players numbered 50-79 are ineligible. [7-5-6a]
38. The Referee is responsible for determining the legality of the kicking team’s formation on kick-offs. [La. Mechanics Manual: V – Free-Kick Responsibilities]
39. Following any 4th down play, the clock shall be stopped. [3-4-4b; 3-5-9]
40. 4th down and 10 on Team R’s 40-yard line. K34’s punt is in flight when R21 blocks K43 below the waist at Team R’s 30-yard line. The untouched kick hits the ground in R’s end zone. RULING: Post-scrimmage kick enforcement applies. R will play 1st and 10 from its own 10-yard line. [2-16-2h; 2-41-6; 5-2-1; 10-4-3,5d; Case Book 10.4.3 C]
41. A foul which occurs simultaneously with the snap is an act which becomes a foul only if and when the ball is snapped. [2-16-2i]
42. A scrimmage kick recovered in or behind the neutral zone may not be advanced by K or R. [6-2-2, 3; Fundamental VI – 2]
43. Team A scores a touchdown on the first possession of an extra period. On the try, Team B is flagged for roughing the kicker. The kick is successful. RULING: The penalty is automatically declined by rule. Team B now gets their series from the 10-yard line. [8-3-5; Rules Book Pg. 86: 3.1.1 O]
44. 2nd down and 10 from Team A’s 30 yardline. A8’s forward pass is grabbed near the sideline at Team A’s 40 yardline by airborne eligible A28 who jumps straight into the air. B36 then shoves A28 so he lands out of bounds beyond Team A’s 42 yardline. RULING:
[2-4-1; 7-5-5; Case Book 3.4.3 C]
45. Possession of a live ball in the opponent’s end zone is always a touchdown. [8-2-1; FUNDAMENTAL I – 8]
46. Scrimmage-play formations require a minimum of 7 A players to be legally on their line at the snap except in scrimmage-kick formations. [2-14-1]
47. The clock will always start on the ready-for-play signal, if it was stopped because of an inadvertent whistle during the down. [3-4-2c; Case Book 3.4.2 C]
48. A fumble is the touching of a loose ball in an unsuccessful attempt to secure possession.
[2-18; 2-27]
49. Unless Team A is in a scrimmage-kick formation, failure of Team A to have at least 5 players on the line numbered 50-79 is a foul at the snap. [7-2-5b; Exceptions]
50. When a penalty is accepted with less than 2 minutes remaining in either half, the offended team will have the option to start the game clock on the snap. [3-4-7]
51. 2nd down and 10 at A’s 5 yardline. A12 takes the snap and fades back 5 yards deep in A’s end zone. A12 throws a pass which is caught by A33 who is 3 yards deep in A’s end zone. From there, A33 throws a pass to A42 at A’s 20 yardline. A42 muffs the pass and B29 intercepts and returns for an apparent touchdown. RULING: Team B can choose a safety or a touchdown. [2-31-2; 7-5-2c; 8-2-1; 8-5-2c; 10-1-1; 10-5-4]
52. Receiver A32 goes deep downfield on a passing play. Cornerback B20, beat on the play, turns his attention toward the receiver and waves his hands and arms in A32’s face without making any contact with him. This action causes A32 to drop the pass.
RULING: Defensive pass interference. [7-5-10; Case Book 7.5.10 C]
53. 4th down and 10 from Team K’s 5 yardline. At the snap, Team K is flagged for illegal formation. K1’s punt is blocked and the ball rolls out of the back of Team K’s end zone. RULING: Team R can keep the 2 points for the safety and have the penalty enforced on the succeeding kickoff. [2-16-2i; 8-5-2b; 10-4-2a]
54. Illegal participation fouls by the receiving team occurring during the kick are now enforced under post-scrimmage kick (PSK) rules. [2-16-2h; 9-6-4a]
55. A ball without any stripes is illegal even if both coaches agree to use it. [1-3-1c]
56. K15’s field-goal attempt has a low trajectory and hits the back of K51 who is 1 yard behind the neutral zone. The ball caroms off K51 and subsequently goes between the uprights above the crossbar. RULING: The kick is good . . . count the score.
[4-2-2d2; 8-4-1b]
57. 4th down and 4 from Team A’s 7-yard line. QB A12 drops straight back into his own end zone under a heavy rush. To avoid being sacked in the end zone, A12 intentionally throws a forward pass directly to the ground. RULING: Foul for intentional grounding. Safety for Team B. [7-5-2e; 8-5-2c]
58. Blocking below the waist and blocking in the back are legal actions sometimes depending on when and where they occur but chop blocks and clipping are always illegal.
[9-3-2, 5; 9-3-6]
59. 1st down and 10 for Team A at their 5 yardline. A7’s legal forward pass is caught by A27 at Team A’s 23 yardline. B71 roughed the passer. A27 advances to Team A’s 30 yardline and fumbles, but prone A44 recovers at his own 35 yardline. RULING:
[9-4-4, Penalty; Case Book9.4.4 C]
60. The field of play is that area of the field bounded by the sidelines and goal lines. [2-10-2]
61. When weather conditions are construed to be hazardous to life or limb of the participants, the crew of game officials is authorized to make the decision on whether to delay or suspend the game. [3-1-5; Case Book 3.1.5 A,B]
62. It is illegal to intentionally throw a backward pass out of bounds to stop the clock. [7-4-1]
63. During a down, a replaced player or substitute who enters the field but does not participate, constitutes unsportsmanlike conduct. [3-7-6]
64. Following the snap on a kick try or field-goal attempt, the offensive linemen “step down” and interlock their feet while blocking. RULING: Legal. [7-2-2; Case Book 7.2.2]
65. The pylon, when properly placed on the goal line, is out of bounds at the intersection of the sideline and goal line extended. [1-2-4]
66. Prior to the start of any down, free-kick or scrimmage, each Team A or K player must momentarily be within the 9-yard marks before the ball is marked ready for play. [7-2-1]
67. B26 intercepts a pass at his own 4 yardline. After running a few steps, he is hit and fumbles. The ball rolls back and hits the goal-line pylon which is properly placed. RULING:
[1-2-4; 7-4-4; 8-5-2B]
68. The ball becomes dead and the down is ended when a prosthetic limb comes completely off the runner. [4-2-2l]
69. K15’s free kick is at rest at Team R’s 1 yardline when R20 muffs the ball trying to recover it. The ball then hits the goal-line pylon. RULING: Touchback. Team A’s ball at its own 20 yardline. [1-2-4; 8-5-3a1; 8-5-4]
70. On 2nd down and 7 from Team A’s 33 yardline, wide receiver A46 voluntarily goes out of bounds and immediately returns inbounds at A’s 38 yardline. RULING: Illegal participation foul on A46 at A’s 38 yardline. [9-6-1; Casebook 9.6.1 A: Comment]

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