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    michael simpson

    Question 132. If team A has the ball in player possession and it touches a “properly placed pylon” they will score a touchdown.

    What constitutes properly placed? Is the pylon that is 3′ behind the end-line and in extension of the has marks considered properly placed? It is in the book for the proper field dimension and setup of the field.


    Paul LaRosa

    Michael – Don’t read too much into this one. It is using the term “properly placed” simply to make it clear the pylon is in position to be out of bounds behind the goal line. That position means that if the ball touches the pylon, it too is out of bounds beyond the goal line. In player possession, this results in a TD, answer is TRUE.



    just another trick question to make sure we don’t score high enough to be certified.


    Phillip Tassin

    Remember the definition for player
    possession. A ball in player possession is a live ball .
    So if he touches a properly placed pylon that’s three yards behind end line . He’s out of bound so ball is dead so he’s no longer in possession of it

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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