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    shouldn’t this question be false because it says “the DEFENDER’S GOAL LINE” instead of the OFFENDERS GOAL LINE?
    No penalty directly results in a safety, but if a distance penalty is enforced from behind the defender’s goal line toward his end line, it is a safety.
    Answer Provided: False
    Correct Answer: True


    LHSOA Web Editor

    Greetings Jmullican,

    Do you know what question number this pertains to in the study guide? I’ll double check it.



    David Nagy

    It is question 129, and it does say defenders goal, which makes it F. 8-5-2c, Fundamental X-6


    Paul LaRosa

    Question 129 is a bad question, the word “defender’s” was supposed to be “offender’s” which would make the question a verbatim pick from Fundamental X-6 and it would be TRUE. I have spoken to Keith Alexander and he confirmed this question along with #3, #100 and #132 will all be tossed. These other 3 are questions I raised concerns about. All 4 are now gone. Paul LaRosa




Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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