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    Edward Burleigh

    Hello all,

    Here are the answers I have come up with to the 2016 Football Study Guide, with the help of several members of my association. Please feel free to let me know if you come up with anything different, I encourage discussing them!

    I have also highlighted or included the changes we made from my orginal answers with the reasoning includedI

    Corrections and/or clarifications on a couple of the Study Guide questions. Please let me know if you have any others.

    Correction on #9. It is False, not True. (2.16.4 – No foul causes a live ball to become dead). Thanks Joe Guidry.

    Correction on #46. It is False. A player numbered 50-79 can be “legally” in the backfield, but he is an ineligible pass receiver by number, and cannot be beyond the expanded neutral zone prior to the pass being beyond the ENZ, or he is an ineligible downfield. Thanks Chad Vallo.

    Clarification on #100. I have received several calls about this one. This is a classic question where not enough information is provided. We do not know where the original line of scrimmage was, so we do not know if the end of A23’s run was beyond or in or behind the neutral zone. If it is beyond, then the question would be true. But if it is behind the original LOS, then it is a previous spot foul. Not enough information is provided to make the question true, therefore I have it marked False.

    Correction on 134. It is True, not False. Foul occurred after the incomplete pass, it is previous spot enforcement. Thanks Chad Vallo.

    Anyone let me know if you see any other errors. Thanks.


    These are the answers I have for the study guide. Let me know if you come up with something different on any of the questions, and we can discuss it further.

    1. T
    2. F
    3. F
    4. T
    5. T
    6. F
    7. T
    8. T
    9. F
    10. F
    11. F
    12. A
    13. T
    14. T
    15. F
    16. T
    17. F
    18. T
    19. C
    20. F
    21. T
    22. F
    23. T
    24. T
    25. T
    26. A
    27. F
    28. T
    29. T
    30. T
    31. C
    32. T
    33. F
    34. T
    35. F
    36. F
    37. T
    38. T
    39. T
    40. C
    41. F
    42. T
    43. T
    44. T
    45. F
    46. F
    47. T
    48. T
    49. F
    50. A
    51. F
    52. F
    53. T
    54. T
    55. T
    56. T
    57. F
    58. F
    59. T
    60. T
    61. T
    62. B
    63. D
    64. T
    65. T
    66. T
    67. F
    68. F
    69. T
    70. T
    71. D
    72. T
    73. T
    74. F
    75. T
    76. B
    77. T
    78. T
    79. T
    80. F
    81. F
    82. T
    83. T
    84. T
    85. T
    86. T
    87. F
    88. T
    89. F
    90. T
    91. T
    92. F
    93. T
    94. T
    95. T
    96. F
    97. T
    98. T
    99. T
    100. F
    101. D
    102. T
    103. C
    104. F
    105. T
    106. T
    107. F
    108. T
    109. T
    110. T
    111. F
    112. B
    113. F
    114. T
    115. T
    116. F
    117. F
    118. T
    119. T
    120. F
    121. F
    122. T
    123. T
    124. F
    125. T
    126. F
    127. T
    128. T
    129. T
    130. D
    131. T
    132. T
    133. F
    134. T
    135. F
    136. F
    137. T
    138. T
    139. T
    140. T
    141. T
    142. F
    143. F
    144. T
    145. T
    146. T
    147. F
    148. F
    149. T
    150. T

    Eddie Burleigh


    David Nagy

    On question 32, only the center and guards can interlock feet, which makes this answer F. Rule 7-2-2.
    On question 57, 7-2-1 states that subs and players who participated in previous play must be between the 9 yard marks. The question reads within the 9 yard marks, which means the same thing. That makes the answer T.
    On question 57, K23 is ineligible since he is a lineman which makes this answer F.


    Chad Vallo

    Question 32 reads following the snap. Rule 7-2-2 reads at the snap. a true answer.


    Edward Burleigh

    David, Chad is correct on #32, the action is “after the snap”. 7-2-2 states “at the snap.”

    Read question 57 again. Word play tripped you up. It says players must momentarily be between the 9-yard marks “BEFORE the ready for play. Therefore the statement is False.

    You list question 57 twice, but I assume the other one with K23 ineligible is for question 65. You are correct. I typed it wrong. The rule reference is 7.2.5b (exception).

    Thanks for the feedback and conversation!


    Paul LaRosa

    Eddie and others, lots of good work here. A few thoughts on specific questions:
    #20 – I believe this is TRUE; this is rule 6-1-3; those answering FALSE are likely looking at 6-1-3a and thinking about the kicker and holder as exceptions, but the question tells you the player “violates” the free-kick restrictions. The question is testing your knowledge of the penalty and enforcement, it’s already told you the foul has been committed

    #65 – This one is FALSE; in this situation when offense takes advantage of numbering exception allowed in 7-5-2b, any player who is an exception to the numbering rule remains ineligible throughout the down; A cannot shift to uncover him and allow him to be eligible.

    #97 – This one is FALSE; the restrictions for ineligibles to cross the NZ ends when the pass is in flight – see Rule 7-5-12

    Finally, on Q100, a question that I agree that it would help if it were clear where the receiver was tackled relative to the LOS; however, I am pretty sure they are looking for a TRUE answer here – at least that’s what my sources tell me.

    Again – lots of good work here by everyone. Paul LaRosa (New Orleans)


    David Nagy

    So then there is no correct answer to Q 100 since we must either assume the pass was beyond the neutral zone or not. Answer is T for those of us who believe it is and F for those who don’t.
    Yep, got tripped up on the word play as you stated for questions 32 and 57, thanks.


    Chad Vallo

    Will we have the study test this year?


    Paul LaRosa

    I will request that our web guy set up a practice test on the LHSOA site. Will post a note here when done. Paul


    Johnny Hinton

    Question 129 is F Read Fundamental X – 6== behind the “OFFENDER’S” GOAL LINE, not the defender’s


    Edward Burleigh

    Nice catch Johnny. Another play on words, making the statement false for #129.

    Paul, The way question #20 reads, is that Encroachment occurs when “ANY”member of the kicking team violates the free-kick restrictions. The statement as written is stating “when” encroachment occurs, not that it has occurred. At least that’s the way I read it. Let me know if your “sources” say otherwise :)

    #65 is definitely false, that was a typo on my original list of answers, which we had previously corrected above.

    And I agree, #97 is false. I misread it.

    #100 I agree that they are probably looking for true, but as the question is written, cannot definitively say it is true. A similar question regarding this enforcement is question #138. this one does give the original LOS.

    We may need to seek clarification from Keith on question #100 and #20…



    My thoughts on # 20 is that if the holder lines up by the kicker more than 5 yds. deep, that would be illegal, also the kicker/holder can not take off running down the field before the ball is kicked


    Rodney Simon

    On Question 20, The play is dead when the player violates the free-kick zone, not when the ball is kicked.


    Paul LaRosa

    We all seem to agree #100 needs LOS clarification and I’ve requested the same. On #20 I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree. There are 2 sentences in this question, let’s take each one individually. Keep in mind that we’re trying to determine if the question as written is True or False:
    1st statement: “Encroachment occurs when any member of the kicking team violates the free-kick restrictions.” The key word here is “violates”. The statement is telling you there’s a violation. Yes, kicker and holder are exempt from some of the violations that can occur, but not all of them This statement is saying you have a violation so it’s telling you there’s a foul. Now, is the foul for violating free-kick restrictions Encroachment, yes, it is. They want a TRUE answer and this statement is TRUE.
    2nd statement: “The ball becomes dead when kicked”. This tells you should the ball get kicked it’s dead, and yes, it does become dead if you had an encroachment violation, so it’s a TRUE statement. There are situations where the violation will immediately kill the play w/o the ball ever being kicked, but that’s not what this statement is saying. The statement as written is TRUE. Both statements in question TRUE – answer is TRUE. I think those struggling with this question are trying to read absolutes into a question that is not using absolutes.

    Could this question be written better to be more clear, yes. Would we have written it as is, no. But as written, the answer to this question is TRUE. Thanks – Paul

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