LHSOA Leadership

LHSOA Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the leadership structure of the LHSOA and consists of an officer team and sports division representatives for baseball, basketball, football, soccer, softball, volleyball and wrestling. The number of representatives and terms of office are defined by Articles V and VI of the LHSOA Constitution.
President: Paul LaRosa
Vice President:John Fletcher
Treasurer:Keith Burton
Secretary:Marc Gervais
Past President:Bryan Greenwood
LHSAA Director of Officials:Keith R. Alexander (ex-officio member)

Sports Division Representatives

George Booth (Chairman) Area 1
Travis Hargroder Area 2
Shane Rigdon Area 3
Keith Burton Area 1
John Fletcher Area 2
Craig Tyler (Chairman) Area 3
Harry Jenkins Area 4
Trey Albritton (Chairman) Area 1
Daniel Gautreaux Area 2
Marlon Harrison Area 3
Marc Gervais Area 4
Michael Silver Area 1
Tyler Mitcham Area 2
Glenda Douglas Area 1
James Martarona Area 2
Vacant (Chairman) Area 3
Ruthie Dugal (Chairwoman) Area 1
Mark Hoff Area 2
Jerry Schmidt (Chairman) Area 1
Doug Hanson Area 2