2018 Football Practice Test

Welcome to your LHSAA 2018 Football Practice Test

The final test will come from these questions. LHSAA test questions come from the NFHS Rules Book, including rule changes, Points of Emphasis and Fundamentals, as well as the Louisiana Mechanics Manual and NFHS Case Book.

NOTE: In the following questions, “A” refers to the team which puts the ball in play (Offense), and “B” refers to their opponents (Defense). “K” refers to the kicking team and “R” refers to the receiving team. “A1”, “A2”...etc., “B1”...“K1”...and “R1” are players of these teams. If team possession changes during a down, each team retains its identity. In a kicking situation, it is not during a try and no fair catch signal has been given unless so specified. Unless otherwise stated, acts occur while the ball is inbounds; a forward pass is legal; any out-of-bounds is between the goal lines; “line” means scrimmage line; reference to a foul is to a player foul which is not unsportsmanlike; there is no foul or change of possession unless so stated; penalties are considered accepted. Important: Answers to these questions should be selected based solely on the information stated therein.

1) QB A12 is scrambling and runs just beyond the neutral zone where he throws a forward pass to A43 for an apparent touchdown. Time expired during the play at the end of the 2ND quarter. RULING: The score is canceled and the half is over.
[3-3-4b3; 10-5-3; Case Book 3.3.4 A]

2) During a running play, A31 breaks into the secondary. Safety B24 comes up quickly and drives his face mask into the chest of A31 while simultaneously wrapping his arms around A31 bringing him to the ground. RULING: Face-tackling foul by B24.
[2-20-1b; 9-4-3i; Case Book 9.4.3 L]

3) Post-scrimmage kick (PSK) fouls and penalty enforcements do not apply to kick tries, successful field goals or in overtime. [2-16-2h1; Rules Book Pg. 85: OT 10-4-3]
4) 2 teammates who may legally block below the waist in the free-blocking zone against a particular opponent do so by charging at that opponent for a simultaneous block at or below the opponent’s knees. RULING: Illegal chop block.
[2-3-8; 9-3-6 & Table (Combination Blocks); Case Bk. 9.3.2 B(d)]

5) A player in the backfield may not wear a jersey numbered 50-79. [1-4-2; 7-2-5b]
6) A punt is in flight or rolling along the ground when an official inadvertently sounds his whistle. RULING: The ball becomes dead immediately and is returned to the previous spot. Replay the down. [4-2-2j; 4-2-3a; 10-4-2c; Case Book 4.2.3 A]
7) R23 returns a punt but fumbles during his return. K66 dives to the ground and recovers the fumble. RULING: 1st and 10 for Team K, and the clock starts on the snap.
[3-4-3c; 5-1-3f]

8) The period shall not be extended if, during a down in which time expires, B1 commits an unsportsmanlike foul and the penalty is accepted. [3-3-4b]
9) 1st down and 10 for Team A at their 5 yardline. A7’s legal forward pass is caught by A27 at Team A’s 23 yardline. B71 roughed the passer. A27 advances to Team A’s 30 yardline and fumbles, but prone A44 recovers at his own 35 yardline. RULING:
[9-4-4, Penalty; Case Book9.4.4 C]

10) 2nd down and 20 for Team A from its 10 yardline. A8’s pass is intercepted at A’s 35 yardline. B52 is flagged for roughing the passer and the penalty is accepted. RULING:
[2-32-11; 5-2-2; 9-4-4, Penalty; 10-1-7b; 10-5-5]

11) Though they may be modified, football gloves are required to meet either the SFIA specification or the NOCSAE test standard at the time of manufacture.
[1-5 NOTE; 1-5-2b; Case Book 1.5.2 A]

12) The ball becomes dead and the down is ended when a prosthetic limb comes completely off the runner. [4-2-2l]
13) The punter becomes a kicker when his knee, lower leg or foot makes contact with the ball. He continues to be a kicker until he has had reasonable opportunity to regain his balance. [2-32-8; Case Book 9.4.5 G]
14) 4th down and 10 from Team K’s 10 yardline. R30 is flagged for running into the kicker. R45 makes a valid fair catch. After the ball is dead, R45 taunts K27. RULING: Team K can have both penalties enforced and play 1st down and 10.
[2-16-2a; 5-2-2; 9-4-4; 9-5-1a; 10-2-5a; 10-4-2b]

15) A blindside block against an opponent other than the runner is legal if it is initiated within the free-blocking zone. [9-4-3n; Case Book 9.4.3 W, X]
16) During close line play following the snap, legal contact by guard A65 causes defensive tackle B70’s helmet to come completely off his head. B70 disengages with A65 and pursues the runner several yards downfield. Offensive tackle A77 blocks B70 above the waist from the front. RULING:
[9-4-3l; 9-6-4g; 10-2-1]

17) During 2nd down in the 1ST period, the field clock goes directly from 01:45 to 00:45 and is not detected. Following 3rd down, time for the period expires. The error is discovered after the Referee declares the period officially ended. RULING: The timing error can be corrected until the ball becomes live in the subsequent period.
[3-3-5; Case Book 3.4.8(b)]

18) When a foul occurs before a snap or free kick, a game official shall indicate the ball remains dead by blowing his whistle immediately and tossing his flag. [4-2-1]
19) The basic spot of enforcement may, at the option of the offended team, be the succeeding spot for fouls by K during a free-kick or scrimmage-kick down (other than kick-catch interference) when K will not be next to put the ball in play. [10-4-2 Exception]
20) Each team must begin the game with 11 players but may continue with fewer if no substitutes are available to replace injured or disqualified players.
21) When weather conditions are construed to be hazardous to life or limb of the participants, the crew of game officials is authorized to make the decision on whether to delay or suspend the game. [3-1-5; Case Book 3.1.5 A,B]
22) 2nd down and 10 at A’s 5 yardline. A12 takes the snap and fades back 5 yards deep in A’s end zone. A12 throws a pass which is caught by A33 who is 3 yards deep in A’s end zone. From there, A33 throws a pass to A42 at A’s 20 yardline. A42 muffs the pass and B29 intercepts and returns for an apparent touchdown. RULING: Team B can choose a safety or a touchdown. [2-31-2; 7-5-2c; 8-2-1; 8-5-2c; 10-1-1; 10-5-4]
23) 4th down and 10 from Team K’s 5 yardline. At the snap, Team K is flagged for illegal formation. K1’s punt is blocked and the ball rolls out of the back of Team K’s end zone. RULING: Team R can keep the 2 points for the safety and have the penalty enforced on the succeeding kickoff. [2-16-2i; 8-5-2b; 10-4-2a]
24) A cloud-to-ground lightning bolt is seen. RULING: Play should be suspended and recommended precautions taken.
[Rules Book Pg. 104: NFHS GUIDELINES (Lightning - 3)]

25) Kickoff returner R26 stops at his own 30 yardline where he throws forward pass in the direction of R30 at Team R’s 40 yardline. The ball hits R30’s hands and falls to the ground. RULING:
[4-2-2c; 7-5-2a, Penalty]

26) With 00:55 remaining in the game, Team A has the ball and a 2-point lead. A67 holds during a run off tackle which ends inbounds. RULING: After penalty enforcement, Team B can choose to have the clock started on the snap. [3-4-7]
27) B14 intercepts a pass deep in Team B’s end zone. B14 then attempts to run the ball out of the end zone but is downed 2 yards deep in the end zone. RULING: Safety.
[2-13-2; 8-5-1, 2b, 3d]

28) Charged time-outs shall be reduced in length only if both teams are ready to play prior to the Referee’s ready-for-play signal. [3-5-3]
29) All offensive players positioned on the line between the ends are ineligible receivers regardless of number. [7-5-6a]
30) A player with a legal, clear untinted eye shield properly attached to his helmet is detected wearing tinted eyeglasses (sunglasses). RULING: Legal equipment. [1-5-3c4 NOTE]
31) Illegal helmet contact is always deemed to be flagrant which mandates that the offender be ejected from the game. [2-16-2c; 9-4-3i NOTE; Penalty]
32) Receiver A32 goes deep downfield on a passing play. Cornerback B20, beat on the play, turns his attention toward the receiver and waves his hands and arms in A32’s face without making any contact with him. This action causes A32 to drop the pass.
RULING: Defensive pass interference. [7-5-10; Case Book 7.5.10 C]

33) Following the snap on a kick try or field-goal attempt, the offensive linemen “step down” and interlock their feet while blocking. RULING: Legal. [7-2-2; Case Book 7.2.2]
34) 2nd down and 10 from Team A’s 30 yardline. Under heavy rush, QB A10 dumps a pass to A35 and is then roughed by B77. A35 is downed at A’s 28 yardline.
RULING: Penalize Team B from the previous spot and award Team A an automatic 1st down. [5-2-2; 9-4-4 Penalty; 10-5-5; Case Book 9.4.4 B(b)]

35) The pylon, when properly placed on the goal line, is out of bounds at the intersection of the sideline and goal line extended. [1-2-4]
36) When the ball is loose following an illegal kick, it will always be treated the same as a fumble. [2-24-9]
37) A defenseless player is:
[2-32-16a, d, g]

38) In order for a snap to be legal, the ball must immediately leave the hand(s) of the snapper and touch a back or the ground before it touches an A lineman. [7-2-4]
39) If the kickers catch or recover a free or scrimmage kick after it has been touched by R, the ball remains live. [2-24-2; 4-2-2f; 6-1-6; 6-2-3, 4]
40) Game officials may use replay or television monitoring equipment as well as other supplementary equipment to aid in game administration.
41) If snapper A57 makes an illegal snap which A10 muffs and B70 recovers, Team B may keep the ball if B declines the penalty. [2-34-1; 4-1-6; 7-1-4]
42) The only defensive penalties which automatically grant a first down are roughing the passer, kicker, holder or the deep snapper in a scrimmage-kick formation.
[9-4-4, 5, 6, Penalty; 10-1-7]

43) Team A scores a touchdown on the first possession of overtime. On the try, Team B is flagged for roughing the kicker. The kick is successful. RULING: The penalty is declined by rule. Team B will now start their series at the 10 yardline. [8-3-5; Casebook 8.3.5 A]
44) Only 1 receiver may give a signal for a fair catch while any legal kick is in flight. [6-5-1]
45) When the Referee calls for a measurement, the ball shall be placed with its long axis parallel with the sideline before the measurement and the inside edge of the foremost rod will mark the line to gain. [5-3-2; Case Book 5.3.2 A]
46) Defensive players are restricted from contacting the ball or the snapper’s hand(s) or arm(s) until the snapper has released the ball. [7-1-6]
47) A1 throws a legal forward pass that falls incomplete. Immediately after the pass is released, B2 grasps but does not twist A1’s facemask.
[9-4-3h; 9-4-4, Penalty]

48) Unless Team A is in a scrimmage-kick formation, failure of Team A to have at least 5 players on the line numbered 50-79 is a foul at the snap. [7-2-5b; Exceptions]
49) The snap ends when: [2-40-3]
50) It is illegal to intentionally throw a backward pass out of bounds to stop the clock. [7-4-1]
51) After the ball is dead, the umpire notices A10 is not wearing thigh guards or knee pads. RULING:
[1-5-4, 5; 3-5-10e]

52) If ineligible A76 catches a forward pass (untouched by B) beyond the neutral zone, the ball becomes dead when caught. [4-2-2c; 7-5-13; Case Book 7.5.13 A(c)]
53) Penalties for dead-ball fouls are enforced separately and in the order in which they occurred. [10-2-5b]
54) The distance penalties for an equal number of 15-yard unsportsmanlike, nonplayer or dead-ball personal fouls committed by both teams will offset.
[10-2-5b; Case Book 10.2.5 A]

55) A fumble is the touching of a loose ball in an unsuccessful attempt to secure possession.
[2-18; 2-27]

56) During a Try, it is possible for either team to score points. [8-3-3]
57) Possession of a live ball in the opponent’s end zone is always a touchdown. [8-2-1; FUNDAMENTAL I – 8]
58) A player may be withdrawn and re-entered legally during the same dead-ball interval if the period ends during the dead-ball interval. [3-7-3]
59) 4th and 10 with the nose of the ball touching Team B’s 20 yardline. A10’s pass is incomplete. The officials should: [5-3-3b]
60) The manufacturer’s name and/or logo is the only commercial advertising allowed on the football. [1-3-1h]
61) A scrimmage kick recovered in or behind the neutral zone may not be advanced by K or R. [6-2-2, 3; Fundamental VI – 2]
62) On 2nd down and 7 from Team A’s 33 yardline, wide receiver A46 voluntarily goes out of bounds and immediately returns inbounds at A’s 38 yardline. RULING: Illegal participation foul on A46 at A’s 38 yardline. [9-6-1; Casebook 9.6.1 A: Comment]
63) An illegal forward pass is considered to have occurred during a running play. [2-33-1b,2; 10-3-1,2]
64) 1st down and 10 for Team A at their 40 yardline. Runner A31 is tackled by B52 at Team A’s 44 yardline. In trying to fend off the tackle, A31 grabs but does not pull or twist B52’s face mask. RULING: Face mask foul. Team A will be penalized 5 yards from the end of the run. [9-4-3h, Penalty; 10-4-4]
65) The initial direction determines whether a pass is forward or backward. [2-31-2, 5]
66) The official signal for free-kick infractions, other than neutral-zone encroachment, will be #19 . . . “free kick infraction”. [6-1-3b Penalty; 6-1-4 Penalty; NF Official FB Signals]
67) Team A scores a touchdown on the first possession of an extra period. On the try, Team B is flagged for roughing the kicker. The kick is successful. RULING: The penalty is automatically declined by rule. Team B now gets their series from the 10-yard line. [8-3-5; Rules Book Pg. 86: 3.1.1 O]
68) On a kickoff, at the time the ball is kicked, at least 4 K players must be on each side of the kicker. [6-1-4; Case Book 6.1.4]
69) At the snap, offensive linemen A63 and A55 immediately charge out and simultaneously contact nose tackle B76 below the knees. All players were in the free-blocking zone at the snap and the block occurred in the FBZ. RULING: Legal Block.
[2-3-8; Case Book 9.3.2 B(d)]

70) With 00:10 remaining in the 2ND period and the clock running, A10 takes a direct hand-to-hand snap from the center and fakes placing his knee on the ground, then sweeps around end for a touchdown. RULING:
[4-2-2a; 8-2-1a]

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