Basketball Film Study – October 15, 2015


Offense drive to the basket in Center’s primary. There is a collision. Blocking is the correct call. Lead does a good job of “pinching the paint” to get a good look at the play. Center does a good job of owning his primary. This drive to the basket and subsequent crash is in Center’s primary and his to take to the table. The Center official gets a fist in the air to stop the clock but does not hold it. The lead official never gets a fist in the air. Both officials are very quick with signals. There was no eye contact. They were lucky that both had the same call. This situation is a great place to have a “blarge”. On double whistle plays to the basket both officials should have a fist in the air, make eye contact and then have the appropriate official give a signal and then take it to the table.

~ John Fletcher

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